Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Weather Underground 'Theme'

By Robert Parry
April 17, 2008

While nearly all politicians shade the truth now and then, some utterly disdain the truth, a category that includes George W. Bush and increasingly Hillary Clinton, as she made clear again in Wednesday night’s debate on the strange topic of Vietnam-era Weather Underground leader William Ayers.

Since last year, the Clinton campaign has been pushing the supposed Ayers connection to Barack Obama as an attack "theme" to take down his candidacy. But Clinton went even further in the debate suggesting that Ayers had reveled in the 9/11 attacks – a false claim clearly meant to inflame Americans against Obama.

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Anonymous said...

“Mr. Ayers did not make the remarks after the attacks on the World Trade Center that day. The interview had been conducted earlier, in connection with a memoir that he had published, Fugitive Days, and he was referring to his experience in the Weather Underground.”

So he made this statement before 9/11. Still it must have been a happy day for ol Bill Ayers since Al Qaida did to America what Ayers says he wishes he had done more of.

Parry, what has happened to you? Would you be in the same room with this dirtbag let alone sit on a board of directors with him?

Anonymous said...


What are you saying? So what if Hillary is lying because you think the truth is almost as bad?


anonymoose said...


Robert Parry claims: In her comments, Clinton created the clear impression that Ayers had either hailed the 9/11 attacks or used the 9/11 tragedy as a ghoulish opportunity to suggest that more bombings were desirable.

Mr. Parry -- perception is interesting. Because of your hatred for Hillary Clinton (and Bill, too), you have a "clear impression" that Hillary's comments were intended as you write (above).

Most fair-minded people, with no ax to grind, would not interpret her words the way you do.

If Hillary Clinton had sat on the Woods Board with Bill Ayers, she'd be taking heat for it! But, because it was Mr. Walk-on-Water who hobnobbed with Ayers, it's A-OK.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure as gray-haired Mr. Ayers and Mr. Obama sat on the board of a philanthropic group trying to find ways to alleviate poverty, Mr. Ayers must have turned to Mr. Obama and said,
"Oh, by the way, did you know I was a weather underground bomber in the 60's-70's?"

If Mr. Ayers actually did this, then he surely should have had to answer for his crimes and do his time. I don't know if he did or not. If you have any faith that people can be rehabilitated and work as positive members of society as he seems to be now doing, then why should Mr. Obama be treated as if he had done these acts? Should Mr. Obama not serve on a board that does good work because someone else on that board had a questionable past?

Mr. Obama cannot walk on water anymore than can any other candidate. We don't elect Gods, we elect humans. Because they are fallible, we have to make sure they toe the line. So keep watching, but hold everyone to the same standard.

fact checker said...

Dear Anonymous (above) -- Yes, William Ayers did "do that stuff" -- he has admitted to it. He got off on a legal technicality -- served no time.

He has bragged that he has no regrets about his involvement in violent activities -- in fact, he writes in his book that "he didn't do enough" in that regard.