Saturday, April 26, 2008

Redefining Iran as the Enemy in Iraq

By Ivan Eland
April 26, 2008

This label refers to parts of Moktada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army, which Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his security forces ham-handedly sought to confront and undermine in Basra before the fall local elections.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq is so passé.

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lokywoky hussein said...

I am so sick of the US pronouncing that the Iraqi's are not doing enough to (fill in the blank). Why should they? We are the ones who destroyed their country, incited all this sectarian violence, have helped or at least looked the other way at the ethnic cleansing of neighborhoods, have turned to trying to pay off/bribe all sides in the conflict (depending on the day), and given that we have a so-called 'model' democracy, and have the advantage of observation of several hundred years of experience in other countries with representative government, just what exactly is the model the current Iraqi government is built on? WE don't even know how it is supposed to work since it has never been done in this way before. And to expect a bunch of people with no experience in democracy to pick this ball up and run with it is ludicrous. We criticized the Iraqi candidates for traveling abroad to learn about governance - and then proceeded to set up a form of government that exists no where else in the world.

The Iraqi Army will stand up - and then we'll stand down. What a joke. We're surprised when they run away, or refuse to fight. Well, why should they - we are asking them to shoot their brothers and cousins!

The only solution is for us to get out now! The "experts" keep telling us there will be a bloodbath. What do you think is going on there now? If there is - well, they'll eventually get over it. But I think the Iraqi people are smart enough to know who the real enemies are (the US and Al Quaeda) and they will deal with the US-puppet government and AQ in very short order.

Furthermore, I would not be at all surprised to find Moqtada al-Sadr in charge of the government when the dust settles. Bets anyone?

Oh - I forgot - we don't want to talk to him so therefore he doesn't exist. Ha!

BlogNews said...

I have some questions for the experts .
Why is Al Sadr always referred to as the " Radical ' cleric or 'anti-American 'cleric ? It seems to me his only offense is that he opposes the U.S. occupation and if wanting to grab power is a crime or radical , what does that make us in Iraq ?

Why is his city Sadr City ,always refered to as a " slum " ?

Why does the main stream media refuse to use the word " Resistance " ? Will that give Iraqis legitimacy ,they don't want them to have or open up a can of worms ?