Monday, April 21, 2008

US News Media's Latest Disgrace

By Robert Parry
April 21, 2008

After prying loose 8,000 pages of Pentagon documents, the New York Times has proven what should have been obvious years ago: the Bush administration manipulated public opinion on the Iraq War, in part, by funneling propaganda through former senior military officers who served as expert analysts on TV news shows.

In 2002-03, these military analysts were ubiquitous on TV justifying the Iraq invasion, and most have remained supportive of the war in the five years since. The Times investigation showed that the analysts were being briefed by the Pentagon on what to say and had undisclosed conflicts of interest via military contracts.

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banjobailey said...

Thank you, Robert Parry, for all, and I mean ALL, your work on behalf of our nation. It has got to have been an absolute heartbreaker for you to witness the downfall of journalism and a free press. It certainly has been for me.
However, in the darkest moments, there has been you and there still is you. And, there still is "me" and many millions of "me's" clinging to integrity as if it is easy.

Anonymous said...

Great article, but I would add a couple of things. This goes back farther than Reagan. The CIA has been recruiting reporters as spies and propagandists since 47. Usurping and wielding a power the Constitution has denied you is the same thing as the president putting a crown on his head and calling himself king. Agents of the government that masquerade as agents of the press are capital traitors to the US.