Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Help Us Cover Campaign 2008

By Robert Parry
June 24, 2008

Campaign 2008 could well be the hinge that swings open the door to the future of the American Republic – and arguably to the survival of the planet – or it may slam the door shut. (To do the work necessary to cover this historic election, we at Consortiumnews.com need your help.)

While the choice between Barack Obama and John McCain is surely not a perfect one – both candidates have weaknesses and strengths – they nevertheless represent clear choices on crucial questions about how a Republic must function and how America should approach the world.

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James Young said...

Your sanctimony is truly breathtaking.

fact checker said...

Oh for gawdsakes, Parry. Stop turning yourself into a pretzel to cover Obama's ass.

Though Obama has waffled in recent weeks, the Illinois senator still vows to take a less confrontational approach toward international crises and favors restoring the constitutional checks and balances that Bush has disdained.

You seem to be saying, "So, he's waffled. So what? I'm going to continue to believe him, even when he changes with the wind."

Parry, have you read about Obama's capitulation on FISA?

fact checker said...

Obama "explaining" his unforgiveable new position on FISA -- look at this and I dare you to claim he's truly better than the alternative

Wasn't Obama a constitutional law professor (well, teacher)?

Horse trading in the Sesnate on energy issues is bad enough, but on THE BILL OF RIGHTS??!!

It's time for independent journalists to cease giving this guy a pass -- ALL of you are on the verge of losing all credibility.