Sunday, October 05, 2008

Alaska GOP's Last-Ditch Palin Defense

By Jason Leopold
October 5, 2008

Only days before the scheduled release of an investigative report on whether Sarah Palin abused her power as Alaska’s governor in the “Troopergate” case, six pro-Palin lawmakers have lodged an emergency appeal asking the state Supreme Court to shut down the inquiry.

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Anonymous said...

Don't tell ME that Sarah Palin now doesn't understand the Bush Doctrine, in its detail and nuance. It is, of course, that the "executive" can do anything he or she damned well pleases and their lawyers can always twist the "law" to support that.

Thanks to Jason Leopold for staying on this story. And I still believe that he was "set up" in much the same way that Dan Rather and his producer were "set up" to take a fall on good news coverage. We the People deserve to KNOW these things. Karl Rove WAS going to be indicted. But then it changed. That is also part of the Bush Doctrine -- stop at nothing to WIN. Watch out, people. They will stop at nothing.