Thursday, October 09, 2008

Should Palin Forgive Bill Ayers?

By Sherwood Ross
October 10, 2008

The desperation of the McCain camp over its sagging fortunes is nowhere better revealed than in its ridiculous attacks on Barack Obama for sitting on the same board of a Chicago philanthropy with William Ayers, a onetime bad boy in the Weather Underground.

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Eric Dynamic said...

Bill Ayers is actually an American Hero and Patriot. 50 years' worth of Propaganda would have us believe that the "Weathermen" were terrorists - but see the documentary "The Weather Underground" to see what the Weathermen went on to do. They killed no innocents, while protesting many illegal and unethical US actions. We ought to be able to stop US criminal malfeasance without bombing anything, but when the "system" is built to refuse criticism, accountability and due process, what else is there to do?

It might be more interesting to see what Ayers et. al. were protesting at the time - to see that little has changed; we still have COINTELPRO and we still have a warmongering "establishment" that persecutes anyone who challenges it. Ayers and the other Weathermen should be given Freedom Medals once we have a sane and publicly-oriented administration.

Ayers deserves no opprobrium, but his critics (Palin, for example) do for their ignorance of what the man fought for or why.

Anonymous said...

Forgiveness should always be on everyone's plate. However, the current use of hypocrisy & equivocation is in full swing - no matter what sins are committed, no matter how nasty and misleading the attacks, winning the power is the goal. Both McCain & Palin refer to the New York Times article of an interview with Ayers that appeared on 9/11/01. Both know - or should - that that article was on the streets before the tragedy occurred - Yet they continue to intimate that Ayers may have had something to do with the act - Palin waves the Newspaper almost defying anyone to take the time to read the article. They seem to be courting the support of uninformed voters but their current behavior is really creating a form of terror in the electorate - regardless of who wins, they are not putting their COUNTRY FIRST. If they should win this election as a result of this truly abhorrent behavior, the result would be even a more polarized, ungoverned and unhappy populace than we have now. ALL CONCERNED SHOULD TAKE NOTE THAT GOD HAS ISSUED NO REVISIONS TO THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.