Monday, December 22, 2008

Cheney's Contempt for the Republic

By Robert Parry
December 22, 2008

As Vice President Dick Cheney goes public in exit interviews about his vision of expansive executive powers, it's getting clearer how close the American Republic came to suffering major deformity – if not destruction – in the past eight years.

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James Young said...

You're clearly confusing "contempt for the republic" with contempt for the far Left. Far-Left narcissism at its very best.

Anonymous said...

Barton Gellman said on Rachel Maddow's show tonight that cheney is not telling the truth (lying) about what the '8' Congresspersons said in the classified briefings on surveillance programs. Gellerman personally interviewed four of them about what was said. It seems to me that if cheney can talk about what was or was not said, the congress critters can now talk about what was said. Maybe we'll hear after 1/20/09.

Anonymous said...

The criminal Bush gang is setting it up so that Obama will continue, the continuity doctrine, their policies. So far Obama is loosing big time. The Pentagon is testing Obama as to whether he has a backbone. The nut case preacher Obama has selected for his inauguration is another test/hint big time, and for Obama to forsake those who got him elected. This is not surprising which is why I voted for Bob Barr, being the Liberal libertarian I am.