Sunday, December 28, 2008

Henry Kissinger: Eminence Noire

By Robert Parry
December 28, 2008

The recent release of 40-year-old tape recordings of President Lyndon Johnson complaining about “treason” by Richard Nixon’s campaign for sabotaging Vietnam peace talks in 1968 also reflects darkly on one of Washington’s enduring Wise Men, a person whose views are still sought and respected: former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great Report; however sad! but politics often is.

Few details you may wanna know:

Iranians always had problem with some of these ayatollahs (mainly the ones in freemasonic lodges)

They have always gave the most backward "fatwa". ordering their stupid followers to do things against Iran's interests.

Things you wouldn't believe: like burning down all schools! Like using Opium!!! etc.

So Iranians always used to say:
Lift any Mullah's turban and you'll see a "made in britain" sign lol Well ok, maybe not all!

These are some of the most devilish & manipulative creatures on Earth; much like their Masters.

As you can see they have no problem dealing with Israel! So what's up with all the Ahmadinejad nonsense now? Bet he doesn't even know who his master's masters are.

Such a complex game this "real politics". Add to all this the fact that bunch of these ayatollahs were on british payroll in Najaf-Iraq. Khomeini was one of them. he was working there on the idea of the "Dictator Imam"; his historic role.

All his announcements were made on BBC. as if it was rented for his Un-Holy Enthrownment.

BBC went way overboard when it said that khomeini's picture was on the moon! lol

I hate it when you Americans never mention the fact that the Coup against mossadeq was actually a british coup, only they got you to also go along.

the whole thing was about"Nationalization of Iran's Oil Industry" & taking it away form the British. Mossadeq was the PM who defeted the British Petroleum... in UN.

Yet Clinton accepted the blame on behalf of British Gov. why?

I realized that ever since the end of British Colonialism (well at least officially) America has been taking all the blame!
Wait a minute why is slavery in Africa Americans' fault? America was a British Colony itself at that time was it not? just make sure it is not still un-officially run by the old pirots, and the world will love you for it.

Guess I've said too much.
Anyhow, Iranians honestly believe these ruthless dictators are agents with a mission to destroy our land. well the very first mission was to break Iran-US relations in favore of other countries.

Oh before I forget, another funny thing Iranians say about UK, is that no colony will ever gain independence without a ruthless punishment. if you think you're an ecception, guess agian.

thanks for listening.
God bless

Anonymous said...

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