Friday, January 02, 2009

Pity the Poor Neocons

By Robert Parry
January 2, 2009

As bloody and grotesque as Israel’s pounding of Gaza has been, it marks a bitterly disappointing end for seven-plus years of neoconservative dominion over U.S. foreign policy, a period that was supposed to conclude with the dismantling of Israel’s Muslim enemies in the region.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not a neocon. I cheer Israel on. Enough crap from the professional victims in Gaza. They elected Hamas. They are lobbing missiles into Israel. They are getting only half of what they deserve

Anonymous said...

I'm not a neocon. I am progressive but I find the reflexive liberal need to side with the underdog really repellent. I cheer Israel on. Enough crap from the professional victims in Gaza. They elected Hamas. They are lobbing missiles into Israel. They are getting only half of what they deserve. They made the wrong choice. What other country would be asked to sit back and take the assault Israel is asked to take? Just come right out and say it: Israel doesn't have a right to exist. It's okay for many Islamic states to exist but not one Jewish one. Be done with the hypocrisy.

Mark E. Smith said...

The massacre by Israel in Gaza has been successful in reaching my heart and mind. As an American Jew, I used to support Israel, and then, when I no longer could in good conscience, I remained neutral.

But the genocide against Palestinians in Gaza was too much for me. I, who used to support the United Jewish Appeal, sent $50 to the United Palestinian Appeal. And then, despite being a low income senior, I sent another fifty to the group that has been sending the relief boats. When Israel rammed The Dignity with Cynthia McKinney (and my fifty bucks) aboard, I was outraged. I went to my first pro-Palestine rally and stood there with a sign yelling "Free free Palestine!" and "Long live intifada!"

I understand that bloggers on the payroll of Israel and/or the neocons, have to remain anonymous, not just to protect their identities, but to protect themselves from outrage when they post comments that are unpopular. But that too is good, because people can see that they are cowards and liars.

It is absurd for the anonymous poster to disparage liberals or claim to be a progressive. Those who support war crimes and support war criminals are war criminals, no matter what they call themselves. You either support the underdog or you support the bully. If you support the bully, you are neither a liberal nor a progressive, but a neocon.

Anonymous said...

People around the world are waking up to Zionist complicity in the 9/11 false-flag & the terror of Apartheid Israel!

cemmcs said...

Enough crap from the professional victims in Gaza.

Professional victims? How does that work? Do they take out large large insurance policies on their children and then pray for an IAF bombing?

Oh those diabolical Palestinians! Thank God, they're getting only half of what they deserve. I guess the Insurance companies aren't all bad.

Anonymous said...


The 50 State strategy: Rid DC of AIPAC & Israeli influence..

Unprecedented Numbers of Americans Question Israel's Actions in Gaza

About time, it has taken sixty damn years..

Why?? Corruption, lobbies, money to government officials,
and of course ZIONIST propaganda from the PULPIT.

Then we have a controlling eliment of our mass media,
that edits (censors) what we read & hear.

Gaza atrocity
Is this a civilized government - the bombardment of thousands of defenseless Palestinian men, women and children?
Palestinian death toll hits 635 as Israel keeps pounding Gaza Strip indiscriminately.
Norweigan doctor calls it a "hell," and says Israel is "bombing 1.5 million Palestinians in a cage." He also says out of the hundreds of killed and injured he has seen being received at the hospital he's volunteering in, he saw only one resistance fighter casualty.
The Washington Establishment, which played such a big role in enabling the crimes of George W. Bush’s administration, is adamant against holding anyone accountable – and indeed considers those who would suggest such a thing to be crazy.
Fourteen Characteristics of Fascism :
Does it describe Israel, the USA or both.(A COALITION)
The reality: (Organized crime syndicate)
The American People Say “Yes We Can” WE CAN CHANGE IT !!

The Israeli lobbies AIPAC + have corrupted and infultrated
all our agencies & institutions, including congress. It is
time to clean HOUSE in America.

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Anonymous said...

The accepted Israeli genius, turns
out to be history repeating itself.

Nothing more then their corruption and minipulation of OUR financial
institutions, Universities, media,
and last but Not least, OUR ENTIRE

Now they work toward GLOBAL economy
and control.

A revolution is on the way, never seen before!!