Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bush/Cheney: 'Most Impeachable'

By Jason Leopold
January 14, 2009

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers says President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney committed impeachment-worthy offenses which must be thoroughly investigated even after the two men leave office as a means of reaffirming U.S. constitutional principles.

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JemezSuze said...

Wait a minute. There could be another reason that the Democrats seem unlikely to press charges? If Bush and Cheney become worried about being 'held responsible' for their crimes, Bush will probably be handing out pardons like candy. Isn't there the possibility that this is a bluff? That Obama may just be holding things close to the vest? Let's wait until he IS the president and his Attorney General is confirmed, THEN turn up the pressure.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the article. The question that came to mind is has the World Court's interest in this issue forced the hand of the Democrats in the House and Senate? When I read "The Dark Side," I did not expect the book to impact me the way it did. I came away infuriated at the Bush administration and the voters and blind partisans who allowed this to happen. Now I had no doubt; Bush and his appointees knowingly and willfully subverted the U.S. Constitution and violated national and international laws, some of which have been on the books for more than 100 years. In response, I notified two law school faculty members at Stanford, who have expertise in both Constitutional and International Law. One week later, I received an email informing me of the following. "There is enough evidence presented for Impeachment of President Bush, as well as enough evidence for the World Court to prosecute the following members of the Bush administration: John Yoo, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Dick Cheney, Lewis Libby, Albert Gonzales, Douglas Feith, John Ashcroft, Richard Armitage, David Addington and others. Even more disturbing, the World Court could also prosecute scores of others within the CIA, Pentagon (Armed Services), and private contractors such as Blackwater. Accordingly, we have sent a copy of the book to the World Court." My message is twofold: first, if you have not read the book buy it today; second, guilty members of the Bush administration and federal agencies should hire attornies immediately. Justice is on the way, and not the type dispensed by the U.S. Justice Department during this administration. America may turn a blind eye (and dwell on issues such as abortion, patriotism and homosexuality), but the world will not allow anyone to break international laws with impunity. There are more important matters at stake other than regulating sex and birth.

Bill from Saginaw said...

I suspect that among John Conyers' 47 recommendations for future Congressional action there is one that I feel may make meaningful national closure on the crimes and war crimes of the George W. Bush presidential years easiest to achieve.

Part of any Congressional inquiry should follow the money trail. Where have the billions of US taxpayer dollars gone that were sent to Iraq supposedly for war damage reconstruction during the last six years?

Given what we know already about the no-bid contracts, kick backs, and overcharging by private crony contractors in occupied Iraq, there has to be a mountain of raw, flagrant white collar crime to investigate, coming at a time when people are particularly sensitive and angry about large scale economic frauds like Enron and Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme.

It's not a partisan witch hunt if the focus is upon old fashioned theft and embezzlement that took place on Bush's watch. Sure, the torture, warrantless wiretapping, and bogus propaganda run up to the Iraq invasion should be dealt with too, but for a lot of outraged and disgusted ordinary American citizens, the financial nexus between Bush's war policies and the nation's economic woes needs to be spelled out.

The feds never could get Capone on anything but tax evasion charges either.

Bill from Saginaw