Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's CIA Director Hayden Hidin'?

By Ray McGovern
January 15, 2009

Outgoing CIA Director Michael Hayden is going around town telling folks he has warned President-elect Barack Obama “personally and forcefully” that if Obama authorizes an investigation into controversial activities like waterboarding, “no one in Langley will ever take a risk again.”

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fosforos said...

Catalina was no "usurper"--he was a Roman politician trying to exercise his constitutional right to run for Consul. Cicero, mouthpiece for the reactionary party known as "optimates," had already stolen one consular election from him and was determined to present his election. So he invented a "conspiracy" to frame up and destroy Catalina and his friends. He succeeded, drove Catalina from Rome, arrested some of his friends and got the OK from his Senatorial accomplices to execute them without trial, in perfect illegality. Only one voice was raised in the Senate against Cicero's Bush-like contempt for law--that of Julius Caesar.
Cicero, thanks to like-minded Western aristocrats, prevailed in the pages of history. Not in Rome. Caesar's denunciations were echoed by public opinion, the "popularis" party returned to power, and under Clodiusthe Tribune Cicero was tried, (as Bush will never be) convicted, and sentenced to exile and confiscation of his properties. After the murder of Clodius the optimates returned to power and Cicero was recalled to serve as their elder statesman in their losing struggle against Caesar. He survived due to Caesar's amnesty of all his enemies but when Caesar had been murdered and the conspirator Mark Antony came to share power he was proscribed and executed--whether because he knew too much about Antony's involvement in the conspiracy or for some personal reason has never been determined.
Cicero was, intellectually, infinitely far above Bush--but politically they were similar animals.

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, but if my information is reliable I can point to one major truth few in the Executive Department want known to the public. Only three books dared to broach the subject, and even those author's paid a high professional price as mental health clinicians, along with their brave publishers - - they were attacked by the press and two of the nation's largest booksellers refused to sell their books. So let me say it loud and clear. Bush is a narcissistic sociopath with all the classic psychiatric symptomology, including lack of empathy, emotional detachment, pathological lying, lack of conscience and denial of any reality, except that of his own manipulation and definition. America dodged a big bullet aimed at its heart only because strategic leaders within the Executive Department finally realized Bush's personality disorder and set in place fences he could not climb or destroy. The sick president was made powerless in important ways for the last two years of his tenure. I am told that this imformation is classified; I do not know for sure. But what I do know from my formal postgraduate training is this man's presidency was illegitimate from day one. He lied about himself and his intentions during the campaign. He stold the office in 200 and 2004 through massive voter fraud, he forced his ideas and plans on Americans with the stealth and deception of a Hitler or Stalin, and he bullied his way around the world with swagger and whim, daring anyone to stop him. Those who tried were berated, fired, ruined financially, died in mysterious circumstances, run out of office or indicted through a rogue Justice Department. Yet, this was not the sickest part of his legacy. He did all this with the blessing of the Christian Right (an apostate form of New Testament belief and practice), which carried on the meanest form of villany through hundreds of talk radio hosts, most of whom had not graduated from high school or any theological center. In both instances, Bush aimed to defy the U.S. Constitution (the heart of America) and the Christian Right defied the role of intelligence and common sense in political dialogue (the thinking function of Democracy). As a Christian man I hope Americans have learned profound lessons - - those who run for office are not always qualified or who they say they are, and just because the name of Christ is attached to politics or a politician does not them holy, rational, orthodox or acceptable. Emotionally handicapped people do not belong in the White House. Born again Christians usually do not make good presidents because they do not distinguish between a church within a pluralitic democracy and a church as democracy. America is not a theocracy and it will never be. Thank God, on January 20, 2009 America's nighmare will come to an end and sanity will return to politics and Christianity. But sanity may be temporary unless the American people vow never again to allow any politican to lie and steal his way into office and mainstream Christian leaders vow to never again allow an apostate form of Christianity to become the norm through silence from the pulpit and church press, as well as unforgiveable passivity in the face of toxic belief and doctrine.