Tuesday, February 24, 2009

JFK, FDR and 'Seven Days in May'

By Lisa Pease
February 24, 2009

Robert Parry recently wrote of how President Obama's early actions might bring him a "Seven Days in May moment," referring to a fictitious coup attempt from a film of the same name, in which a popular military figure nearly took over the government.

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Lisa Pease said...

By the way - I learned of Kennedy's comments re Seven Days in May from Jim Douglass's excellent book "JFK and the Unspeakable," which I can't recommend enough. It's a remarkable volume.

Anonymous said...

Hats off! Just how worried am I?
I pray each night, "Lord, please send Michael the Archangel with his angelic hosts to protect Obama and Biden from any harm or assassination attempt. Let these same angels fight his enemies and the forces who would run this government without the will of the people. Give Obama the wisdom of Soloman and make him one of the best presidents we have ever had in this country."

Lisa Pease said...

It's a worthy prayer. My version is similar!

Anonymous said...

To "Hat's Off" - - your prayer brought me to tears, but gave me hope for this president. He is a very decent man with a good heart and the courage of the best firemen who are unafraid to get burned while putting out the blaze. Indeed, may the angels protect him against those who would throw gun powder on the fire and make money from the destruction.

Bill from Saginaw said...

I suspect that Obama's curious decision to keep Robert Gates on as Secretary of Defense may relate to the Seven Days in May angle.

Gates is not only a staunch Cold Warrior and big supporter of the global war on terror, but (as a career professional CIA operative) he was personally involved in the back channel contacts between the Reagan presidential campaign team and the mullahs in Tehran when the timing of the US embassy hostages' release became a key factor in scuttling Jimmy Carter's reelection chances.

An old political adage declares, hold on and draw your friends close, but draw your enemies even closer. But following this rule literally can (literally) become hazardous to your health, as any experienced Mafia don understands.

Good luck Barack.

Bill from Saginaw

6stringer said...

Having just finished "Legacy of Secrecy" I concur that JFK did NOT control the CIA, or Hoover's FBI either. Agents from both had a hand in killing him, his brother ,and MLK.
Nixon had the CIA enlist the Mafia to try to kill Castro, and since RFK was going after the Mafia, they infiltrated the RFK/JFK secret plan to kill Castro.. and used the plan to kill JFK. JFK and RFK tried to keep it a secret from the agencies rank and file, but the mob was already entrenched due to Nixon's efforts.