Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bush's 'Lawyer-Shopping' for Torture

By Jason Leopold
March 24, 2009

In 2005, after pushing out the Justice Department lawyer who had overturned President George W. Bush’s claimed authority to abuse “war on terror” prisoners, his administration reinstated key elements of the memos granting Bush virtually unlimited powers over the detainees, according to a list of still-secret documents.

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Anonymous said...

If torture is an ineffective interrogation method (for attaining reliable information) then why did they do it?

Some possibilities:

1) Inflame the insurgency. Justify continued occupation. Keep the perpetual WoT meme alive.

2) Fit "tough on terror" GOP bottom of the barrel fascist propaganda. IOW, appealed to the GOP base.

3) Attain desired intel. For example al-Libi's false confessions about Iraqi weapon programs.

4) Intimidation. Designed to intimidate targets of military action and the local population.

5) Unitary executive power. Slide towards dictatorship.

sanda said...

I just did a "wishful thinking" when I read the title: I thought it was going to be that "W" Bush was lawyer-shopping for a lawyer in advance of possible prosecution for torture.

Thanks for keeping the issue OUT FRONT. Too many want to "forget"...and hope it all goes away...

Anonymous said...

This Bybee who is on the 9th Circuit, as a judge should be impeached. The rules of professional responsibility state that a "judge must avoid the appearance of impropriety".
This torture doctrine is not only the appearance, but the fact of impropriety. Additionally, those citizens who appear in front of this judge would be on notice that he believes in making his own rules, and ignoring the US Constitution.

Anonymous said...

They knew that torture was worthless, as far as info was concerned. They needed someone to admit the Towers implosion was their fault. That's why they arrested simple taxi cab drivers, and tourists. Those softies could be tortured into confessing anything, including Our Towers implosion.

Since NeoCons were in on doing 9/11 and 7.7 and anthrax, and their colorized terror level alerts all worked together to promote their war agenda, and subsequent looting of our treasury. But, they needed some guys to take the fall. Since they claimed that there were hyjackers, but they also claimed that they all died, they needed someone else to stick up in the public eye, as scapegoats.

So, they tried to torture them into submission. They still haven't charged people up there, or released them. They can't bc these people know all about these NeoCons. They have learned too much to be let go.

The NeoCons hired private contractors to torture them; mossad and cia xmen. These same guys used hooding, and all this torture, bc they were israeli mossad and unit 101, and they do this all the time to the Palestinians.

Just take a look. All the truly horrendous stuff comes from these same secret service. These secret service run drugs, sex slaves, and all kinds of depraved money makers to fund their activities.

There were financiers, as well, like Bernie Madoff. These guys pilfered Wall street and sent it to Tel Aviv.


Anonymous said...

The neocons set up camp xray, as soon as they invaded Afghanistan. They needed a place to put patsies, far away from any civil rights, or legal help, where they could use torture, and a total lack of due process, without any pesky lawyers or people who understand the law, around to complain.

Meanwhile, they focused on getting confessions from someone, for 9/11 to cover their alias.

Anonymous said...

camp xray is another proof that 9/11 was an inside job.
Only neocons could arrange a setup in cuba, far away, where they could grab anyone and hold them for nothing, as long as they needed someone to take the rap.

the tortured alibi is evidence of neocon guilt. they had the balls to present torture "confessions" in court.

thus, more proof that neocons took down the Towers.

Roger Kemble said...