Friday, March 27, 2009

No Angry Mob, But a Movement

By Michael Winship
March 27, 2009

A college friend of mine, after much quaffing from the keg, so to speak, would start singing a faux hymn that began, “We are sliding into sin – whee!”

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J. Milton Stout, PhD, ThD said...


I must confess two things up front. I am enthusiastic about the president and do not apologize for my support. However, that being said, I am greatly concerned about his reliance on the same people, who are responsible for the economic turndown, to fix the mess they made. I am speaking about the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and the Secretary of the Treasury, who has a history of being "big money's" puppet - - a sort of compliant yes-man incapable of standing up and protecting the assests of the average man in the street.

I want to be supportive, but certain facts give me pause. If these facts get out to the public in any meaningful way, Obama may find himself the victim of the same populous movement that put him in office in the first place.

First, there are those troublesome interconnections among those being bailed out with taxpayer's money and secret meetings with the same CEO's with the Secretary of the Treasury and Chairman of the Federal Reserve. The head of the Treasury was employed by many of of these corporations and is beholden to them.

Second, there are those further interconnections among the same institutions and the billions handed over to politicans these past two decades.

Third, there is the flagrant impropriety of announcing new regulations for non-bank institutions without any specifics, while putting the regulative authority under the Federal Reserve. The Fed's main behavior since the Reagan years has been to give rich elites and their instutions anything they wanted, including support for voiding long-standing safeguards on the books since FDR.

The picture is not pretty and has the potential of causing riots in the streets.

Since the 1970s big business in American has gotten everything it asked for, while enriching less than one percent of the population in the process. It gave very little back in return. During the same interim, customer service died a quick death, workers' and consumers' rights were taken away, unions were demonized, more than half of jobs were moved overseas, the middle-class shrank by one-third, federal debt skyrocketed and business ethics were thrown out the window.

When Bush took office,greed and irresponsibility ruled the White House and accountibility was set aside by way of under-the-table deals. The same players - - the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, the Secretaries of the Treasury and "well-paid" members of the House and Senate should have seen that the nation prospered. Instead, they robbed America and other countries blind and caused a worldwide depression. No wonder the Treasury is trying to pay back nations that were swindled. God only knows what these countries threatened in the background.

My point is threefold. Once these criminal connections are made public, the president may not recoup.

The U.S. Congress, Wall Street, the Secretary of the Treasury and Federal Reserved have a record of failure when it comes to protecting American from corporate greed and irresponsibility. Therefore, any mechanism for regulation must be placed outside of corporate and political influence. Otherwise, the president will institutionalize the corporate state that already exists, the very entity that caused all the economic trouble the nation is experiencing at this time.

The president should be aware of these facts, but I am not so sure.

Americans were robbed by a bunch of crooks who bought the government and sold it down the river.

Just where do workers fit into this so-called recovery effort? I think I know. It seems they must pay the bill and keep their mouths shut, while they lose their homes, jobs and faith in the presidency and democracy.

You see, Americans are old fashioned. When someone robs their hometown banks, the thieves are caught, given a trial and put in jail. Citizens are not sent the bill to to restore the money and legally to keep the thieves out of jail.

That's where the shoe hits the pavement."

Unless the president goes before the people with a plan to bring the culpable to some kind of justice, I predict that he will not be reelected.

The facts stink to high heaven.