Friday, July 10, 2009

CIA's History of Lying to Congress

By Lisa Pease
July 10, 2009

On TV this week, with a measure of disbelief in their voices, the pundits ask, did the CIA lie to or deliberately mislead Congress? How is that not a rhetorical question?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lisa, for this article. Why hasn't it been done by the MSM, one wonders. I think, however, the matter of the CIA's stonewalling of court orders to release records on George Joannides should be another element of the current interest in CIA misdeeds, and should be raised again as part of the current dialog. Should those records ever be released, they will no doubt disclose that lying has been a continual element of the CIA's history.

George said...


I recall seems like several earlier articles you've written, all also finely done.

This time I note your edgey query and it does seem that we have a shadow government that could not have existed over the years but for the enabling of the White House.

Thanks for your sober history lesson.

George Collins

Real History Lisa said...

Thanks, TOG and George. This is an article I've wanted to write for some time. I wish I could make the Pike Report required reading for all Americans. That and Carl Bernstein's article, cited within, give people a small glimpse of the vast empire created through this tiny arm of intelligence. Imagine what the far larger NSA and other agencies do that we never hear about.