Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dallas: Into the Belly of the Beast

Ray McGovern
July 23, 2009

The hellish-hot weather persuaded me that I was wise to ignore the caution expressed by a close friend who grew up in Dallas, as I set off to give talks there. Better wear a bulletproof vest, he told me.

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Anonymous said...

The discerning look of the Secret Service man at a man who used to counsel people like his boss, in front of George and Laura's home, is a sight for all the old eyes of Texas to hold.

And the local papers refused Mr. McGovern's guest ed-ops before he arrived on such fiercely independent Texas soil? Oh how much belly crawling can such fine newspapers of record do while groveling at the feet of the Bush family?

Strongly encourage readers to follow the links, for the photos alone, at the end of Mr. McGovern's piece. LMAO!

Sir Real said...

I admire your boldness in taking your trip to war criminal central. While at the Bush compound did you see Barney,the only Bush family member with a scintilla of dignity? Just wondered.
Please be careful while in Dallas.Though there are many Texans,I am sure, who are ashamed of this man and know the crimes committed and the damage done by the Bush regime. There are also many who will go to great lengths to protect the legacy of lies as he, Bush, wants them to be remembered.
He and his cheerleaders,the have mores, bought a prominent place in the city to build his shrine to himself.

Remember,thousands stood on the roadside of Dealey Plaza to get a look at the our most popular modern president,President Kennedy.
There were also thousands who read the wanted poster in the Dallas Morning News that fateful November day and agreed with it.They killed him. I for one still despise that state for robbing this country of one of our greatest leaders.
Like I always say: Texas is a great place to be from,far away from.

Jerry Lobdill said...

As one who came from Fort Worth to see Mr. McGovern at the Dallas Peace Center dinner lecture and one who had been to Camp Casey many times to support Cindy Sheehan and had seen him there, I know, as do all the many progressives in Texas, what we have been up against in this state.

But I think it misdirected to suggest that it is the sole responsibility of those of us on the front line here to bring Bush and his co-conspirators to justice. We are, and have been, working diligently to do just that. Ray got a good dose of what we are dealing with in his short visit here.

But those who walked out of his lectures at his other appearances in Dallas are out of power now. Dallas turned BLUE over the last four years. We have learned that we get nowhere preaching to this cohort of wealthy sociopaths that he spoke to. That is not how we turned Dallas BLUE.

Neither did we turn it BLUE by bashing Texas in general. We work with what we have and are doing our best to rectify the situation.

The Startlegram is truly a parody on the fourth estate. The DMN is a little better but not enough to rate a kudo.

For those who don't live in Texas, we're not as RED as this article and the comments so far suppose.