Monday, July 20, 2009

Making Sense of Cheney's Madness

By Ivan Eland
July 21, 2009

The seeming irrationality behind the George W. Bush administration’s “against the grain” (and the law) policies on torture, warrantless domestic surveillance, and now notification of Congress about CIA covert operations was not irrational at all.

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sanda said...

On "madness" : People who are mentally ill do not make plans and execute them with the precision of the Far Right and Cheney, in particular. Once you label someone's behavior as "madness" or "irrational", it becomes dismissed.
It's a very old political "game", going back at least to the Lincoln
election, as cited in David Herbert Donald's "We Are Lincoln Men", 2003.
Using "madness" in place of something more clear, hurts people with mental illness and mental
disabilities by continuing the myths and stereotypes.

Emily Cragg said...

The United Soviet States of America are no longer a civil (law-based) society.

We are a people taught by fables and ideology, that life is cheap, consuming our resources as quickly as possible is a valid expediency, and wasting everybody else by indiscriminate bombing and serial war is no problem.

Barbarians, head-hunters with bones through the nose.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the method to his madness, is knowing TWO very important things accomplished for the Globalists:
1. Training US troops in urban warfare which is what Iraq was about, albeit lifting their oil was not according to them an ignoble objective. It was accomplished with thier handpicked leaders acquiescing to privatizing Iraqi Oil. Nevertheless, this training will prove priceless in their objectives in lifting private arms in the US and killing objectors to their national globalization objectives. The drones were especially designed to accomplish this.
2nd. In using torture on so called terrorists especially now that American Citizens can be defined as terrorists also, rather then criminals, it justifies using torture, but this torture will be used on US Citizens once they start filling these NEW detention centers with US Citizens and torturing them if need be if any are especially recalcitrant. WHich I'm sure there are many who will not participate in thier own demise. Citizens who criminally object to their vaccinations or detentions WILL BE TORTURED. This has all been practice. BET on it and take it to the bank it was practice for those of you who will not participate in what is coming.

Clem Kadidlehopper