Friday, August 21, 2009

Lockerbie Doubts

By Lisa Pease
August 21, 2009

In any kind of major transnational event, there is the historical truth, what actually happened, and the political truth, what must have happened for the nations involved to continue on as before.

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Anonymous said...


Terrific article. Most of the detail is new to me though I was aware of the flimsy evidence.

Leaving aside the plausibly true story, the US no longer has even the patina of standing for moral outrage.

George Collins

Anonymous said...

I wrote a couple of stories on this for the now-defunct Portland Free Press back in the early nineties.

One important member in the cast of characters was Monser al-Kassar, known as the Prince of Marabella for his playboy living. He was married into the Assad family of Syria. He had other connections. During Iran-contra he was one of the arms dealers who worked for Oliver North's Enterprise on the Iran end of things. He was friends with terrorist Abu Abbas and flew him to safety out of Italy after the hijacking of the Achille Lauro. He was also identified as connected to the PLFP cell in Frankfurt originally fingered as having supplied the bomb.

On top of that Kassar was also identified by Congress as the top heroin smuggler into the U.S. at the time. That would make his heroin route on Pan Am 103 as "protected" by intelligence services.

Within the last year Kassar was taken into custody on some of his many crimes, but not for anything to do with Pan Am 103.

Anyone who thinks it's unbelievable to think that the U.S. intelligence services would use such a disreputable character should note that for years the U.S. used Victor Bout, the Russian drug smuggler/weapons dealer/blood diamond smuggler to fly supplies into Afghanistan. Want to guess what he flew out?

If Kassar was involved, was he acting against his CIA handlers who gave him arms business and protected his drug smuggling? Or was he acting on their behalf?

The Interfor Report said that the McKee Team had left Beruit against orders and were coming back to the U.S. to expose something about the doublecross operations going on about the hostages. Who would have wanted to eliminate them?

me said...

The outrage is so phony.

When the US arrests Posada Carriles for terrorism, then they can open their mouths. Not until.

Doctor Cocktail said...

Good job, Lisa. And I agree 100% with your comment about an independent media.

The only other place I've seen any serious coverage to the Lockerbie bombing is Ludwig De Braeckeleer here:

Carl Williams, Wichita, KS said...

GREAT article, Lisa! Much appreciated. It's not often that all the known details and facts can be found in one place. Your efforts are appreciated. Not surprising that mainstream media never pursued the story beyond the "bad guys did it" level. I have always believed that the timing of the event was meant to eliminate the team that was returning to the US to open a very formidable can of worms.

A few years ago, a friend of mine bought a book when he was in the UK for a family reunion entitled, "On the Trail of the Octopus." It was an extensive expose about Flight 103 and, of course, I wanted my own copy. So, I contacted the American publisher / distributor for the UK publisher listed in the book, and was told that it was not yet available "...not in print yet."

Turns out the book was, simply, never made available in the US. Since this occurred prior to our easy access to UK bookstores via the internet, and I couldn't buy it myself, I Xeroxed my friend's copy of the book from cover to cover and submitted it to John Judge's previous bookstore outlet in hopes that passages, or the book en total could be obtained by interested citizens. Unfortunately, it was around the time that John discovered that the guy was not paying him royalties on his publications and he went out of business rather than pay John the royalties he owed him. Of course, I never could retrieve that expensively produced Xeroxed copy of the book. Sadly, t was never distributed via that rather "underground" method as I had hoped.

The Flight 103 incident seems to be a very sensitive subject for the American intelligence community. Methinks that, as you astutely and competently point out, there are a lot more layers to this "onion" than have been revealed via mainstream media or acknowledged by the US government.

THANK YOU, Lisa, for a great reporting effort! And, thanks to Consortium News for sharing the information with us!
Carl Williams, Wichita

Anonymous said...

Lester Coleman's book, The Trail of the Octopus, goes into fine detail concerning the main bulk of Lisa's article. Very fine detail.

Apparently it is available as a free read at American Buddha Online Library.

Anonymous said...

First you need to look up "Cubana flight 455," and see who the first terrorist bombing was causef by.

Them cry me a river about Lockerbie.