Sunday, August 16, 2009

WTimes' Hypocritical Obama-Nazi Slur

By Robert Parry
August 17, 2009

One of the ugly ironies in the Right’s depiction of President Barack Obama as Hitler and health reform as a plan for Nazi-style euthanasia is that the owner of the Washington Times, which has pushed this line of attack, has longstanding ties with World War II-era Nazis, neo-Nazis and rightist “death squads.”

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christopherwitt said...

The Last Day of Rev. Moon will seemingly prove to be one of increasing regret.

The fact that Corporate America is now trying to install it's own "reich" to replace the close Bush-Moon syndicate shows us how close we are to a "brown shirts" with "Mediscare" for the old type politcis: the rise of Corporate Facism and religious "ends justifies the means" Pied Piperism going back to Hitler.

Now the enemy is a President who stands on the 430 year foundation of the Black Race as our Messiah on the National level; with our fallen "Saul" now trying to kill the represntative of our invisible "David" as the Manchild of Israel America really is: so we shall see.

Hitler rose in a depresion; can beatings of town hall liberals and health care supporters be far off?

And now: the shdow of Hitler from Rev. Moon: this will probably lead to his death in a few short weeks: I just know that my Father will step in: this is but the Beast; the Fallen Nature in it's global form; back again from the Axis as now the Scarlet Beast: the spirit of the Antichrist: Red China; the fallen yellow race with Rev. Moon as the fallen "first helper" of the Hopi..for the Messiah Rev. Moon abandoned: My Generation itself as the cosmic Son of Man.

christopherwitt said...

It even seems that God Himself will have to stop the Right Wing from seeling America down the drain to punish it for electing a REAL President: one with a Heart and a Mind: something Corporate America fears greatly; and for good reason: they are toast: and they won't go down without a fight: AND THIS IS THAT FIGHT!!!

I have only the Truth: and the Secind Helper: my Father's servant John: the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Yet I stand as little more than a feeble Quixote; feeble; but as David; against a Goliath known as the GOP; and our: Saul Sun Myung Moon; of the Mighty who have fallen.

I fear the worst has come to pass: but I know that the Word of God itself will prevail; even for our fallen "Faithful and Wise Steward" who now stands with the Yellow Race as that "Evil Servant" of the Scarlet Beast of Revelation: Red China; carrying the "Harlot" of "free market" Capitalism on it's back: just as it was written by my Father's servant John 2000 years ago: and has come to pass

Such is the Great Spirit of Prophecy know to the Hopi: for the Messiah is the White Brother of Quetzacoatl himself: and no one else..

Peace and Love from the God of Love and Peace: the God of the Whole Earth: in a City Not Forsaken: the City of St. Francis.

christopherwitt said...

The last and most salient point about all this is that the Last Day for Rev. Moon seems to be that one of "4-18"; as that of his own True Parents Day; which is my birthday; the Day in 4-18 of the Earthquake in 1906 of the City of St. Francis; 4-18-1060 as the Easter in which Rev. Moon married his bride thus has something to do with 4-18 1955 when Einstein died in America the Day I was born in Germany; a synchronicity only those lovers of "Paricfal" as the Number 418 would appreciate: for the Garil is Perfection: and I found it.

No one knows Sun Myung Moon is John the Baptist; and no one but myself knows how to restore him if he repents acd recants: repents of trying to steal the national soverignity ( in which he mixed the soil of Korea with all 50 states to Steal the Blessing on America for Korea: and himself; as a clever "Jacob" stealing the Blessing from a "blind" Issac; America as the father of Israel; as Issac was for the 12 sons of Jacob);

.....yes it seems that the idea of mixing the soil of Korea with that of all 50 states in America is why Rev. Moon owes America millions: he tried to "steal" the Blessing of God on our land by stealing our National Soverignity!

This "crime" is closer to our suit for the Black Christian Woman Rev. Moon SHOULD have then MARRIED to "symbloize" our Nation: but he married not the "Soul" of America who is Sheba as the "queen of the south"; he married a Korean woman!.

It is thus his "hypocrisy" where he married not our "land" but only took our "soil" which actually defines "America" itself as a "kingdom" of Freedom that Rev. Moon tried to take the Right to rule it: to take it for the kingdom of the nation of Korea in fact; and our President is an "unanointed" king; in fact; which Rev. Moon tries to replace with himself..

As in Israel; where the king was also the head of the army; which is why we have "Camp David" in the first place: and "Uncle Sam" refers to the prophet "Samuel" whose name means "the Name of God"; as Samuel the Prophet of the Nazarenes was he who anointed David as the King and Light of Irsael. Should we not be in arms!???

Should we sue Rev. Moon to "marry" the Wodow of Israel he "left" at the "Altar" of our Land itself; the Black Christian Woman who is Sheba; the Mythic "queen of the South" who symbolizes the "SOUL" of America; and a lot of the "backbone" as well; truth be know. Only Solomon from the dead shall know at the End if he shall win her back; by God in His Mercy.

The Mark of the beast then is "hypocrisy"; to appear as what one isn't by saying one thing and doing another; as Rochefoucauld said:

"Hypocrisy is the Homage
that Vice pays to Virtue"

Anonymous said...

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