Monday, September 21, 2009

The American Doomsday Machine

By Daniel Ellsberg
September 21, 2009

One day in the spring of 1961, soon after my 30th birthday, I was shown how our world would end. Not the Earth, not—so far as I knew then—all humanity or life, but the destruction of most cities and people in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps, but nuclear winter doesn't mean skiing for the Zionist/Illuminati mass murderers either.

True, they have DUMBs and Doomsday Seed Vaults etc., but those DUMBs might turn out to be just ornate coffins and those seeds might end up ablowin' in the radioactive wind.

Today's crazed "military" weapons could exterminate the "great unwashed" while effectively sparing the environment.

Let's suppose chemtrails have made our atmosphere super-conductive.
Suppose HAARP is switched on and everyone, everywhere, gets zapped like a bug.

The "elite" possess DNA patents to nearly everything, so the planet could be "re-furbished" more to their liking.

Genesis rewritten by earthly gods.

Nukes are messy and old-fashioned.

The "Nuclear War" propaganda gets trotted out every few years because it justifiably strikes terror into the hearts of the slave base.

However, I think the maniacs in control are too sophisticated and selfish to resort to such antiquated and destructive methods.

After all, the "military" is technologically advanced by 25-30 years to what the population is told.