Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Mystique of 'Free Market' Obama

By Jeff Cohen
September 26, 2009

No matter what the facts are, some liberal activists and leaders persist in seeing President Obama as a principled progressive reformer who lives and breathes the campaign rhetoric about “change you can believe in.”

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ETSpoon said...

Here's what irritates me about "progressives" like professor Jeff Cohen.

While I agree with critiques by proponents of the ideologically pure left when it comes to clear cut ideas of how to remedy the situation imagination is sadly lacking.

The usual palliative is to vote for independent and third party candidates and throw a close election to the Republicans. Somehow there is this romantic belief that the "workers" will be so outraged by Republican depredations that they will flock to the banners of true coordinator class "democrats."

True, the country needs to wrest control of our government out of the hands of business but 1994 redux isn't the way.

Perhaps the good professor will lead a march on the gated communities, the Aspens, the Boca Ratons and all the other waterholes were the upper one percent reside and march all the CEOs, COOs, CFOs, hedge fund managers and stock brokers off to re-education camps?