Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ray McGovern Warns of 'Two CIAs'

By Brad Friedman
September 13, 2009

During my interview last week with 27-year CIA analyst Ray McGovern on the Mike Malloy Show (which I've been guest hosting all this week), the man who used to personally deliver the CIA's Presidential Daily Briefings to George Bush Sr., among other Presidents, offered an extraordinarily chilling thought --- particularly coming from someone with his background.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying this Mr. McGovern. I had often wondered about this. I have so much respect for you and you seem to be a person who would genuinely disapprove of some of the things that I know the CIA has participated in. And yet there you were at the top of the agency and since then making statements about the integrity of the agency and the good agents etc. So the 'two CIA's' comment certainly helps to alleviate some of the tension in that picture and is, in fact, something I had long believed on a sort of intuitive level. I agree with you that that one sentence in the act establishing the clandestine services was definitely a fateful one - a fateful mistake.

Anonymous said...

Two CIA's is the basic hypothesis of "Seven Days of the Condor". The removal of JFK, RFK and MLK show a clear thread of activity. Lester Coleman suggests that "Lockerbie" was the result of an internal conflict within the agency and DEA.

David said...

There has always been the two CIA's since it's inception so what is the surprise? One was Intel., and the other was aggressive active covert action. No new news there.