Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Politics of the Public Option

By Robert Parry
October 16, 2009

From the start, the health-reform debate has been about money – who will get the best break and who may have to pay more. That is why the issue of the public option, a less expensive government-run insurance plan, has been so central to both the policy and political debates.

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bacalove said...

GOP operatives continue to dishonestly and deceptively spout that they cannot support a public option because they want to keep costs down for the American people! Really? But they know that only a public option can bring about true reform and control the “out of control” medical costs and premiums crippling people and jobs, making it harder and harder to get by.

The reason that GOP always say Gov’t is the problem is because when you have men/women in power who do Nothing but say no or complain, like the GOP — goverment is a problem! And so it is a self-fulliling prophecy. As long as the GOP are in power or in control, the goverment will be a do nothing, problematic government, which will do nothing for Average Americans. We must remember, this is Bush & the GOP’s recession. They had the power for 8 years and did nothing to uplift this country, only to rape it from Main Street, to add it to Wall Street. The GOP does not even like to raise the Minimum Wage! They care nothing if you are making it. People we must wake up now! Because look around, assess the United States’ situation that we are in and realize over the last 10 years of GOP rule, what have they done for you lately? Or this country? And ask yourself this, if we let them get power again, how much more further will this country be destroyed until the United States will no longer be. That is a very frightening thought

geezered said...

Whatever happened to Medicare for All? That's simply the most direct, the most fair, and the most cost effective solution. Why reinvent the wheel, just expand the radius

libhom said...

Third party politics keep looking better and better.