Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saying 'No' to a Wider Afghan War

By Ivan Eland
October 13, 2009

Although the politicians, media and public believe few things are more important than preventing another al-Qaeda attack on America, defending the founding principles of the republic would seem to be one of them.

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Anonymous said...


It continues to amaze me that it is the "powers that be" in Washington that are allowed to make the final decisions about the fate of our nation. And please note that I am refering not to elected officials. It has been clear for the last year that the American people want the US out of the Middle East entirely. And with many good reasons it is an entirely reasonable demand. Whatever the reasoning, the American People have spoken on this issue time and again. So why hasn't the government abided by the will of the People? Because our government has been totally subverted by interests that are not aligned with the best interests of the American people. Eventually the American People will stop and say enough is enough.