Monday, November 30, 2009

How War Hawks Caged Obama

By Robert Parry
November 30, 2009

Two of President Barack Obama’s most acclaimed Cabinet appointments – keeping Republican Defense Secretary Robert Gates and picking former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State – set the risky course that his administration is following toward a military escalation in Afghanistan.

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ETSpoon said...

Robert, spot on as usual.

The Pentagon is out of control and William Gates is not the guy to rein it in. In fact we may be passed the point were reining in Pentagon excess is possible.

As a Marine Corps vet buddy of mine is fond of relating: "When I got out of Vietnam my sergeant said, 'Boys, if your going to make a career of this, whenever the politicians in Washington end it, be sure to tattoo your rating on your shoulder. 'Cause you're gonna have it for a long time.'"

The sorry fact of the matter is among the uniformed military war is the fastest and surest method for promotion both in rank and pay. And as we now have a large, standing All Volunteer Force, i.e. professional military, there is no disincentive for the uniformed military to stop waging war.