Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Afghanistan: 'Roach Motel' for Empires

By Zoltan Grossman
December 2, 2009

In his West Point speech on Tuesday, President Obama denied that “Afghanistan is another Vietnam” - -and in some senses he is correct. Vietnam was a far more unified state -- ethnically and politically -- than Afghanistan ever has been.

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Anonymous said...

You should really allow for comments on the actual consortium news site itself, instead of burying a link to a seperate area that people can comment on things on. After reading this article, its almost understandable why you'd want to discourage discussion though.

Its jam packed with logical fallacies and stretching points to fit into the conceptual framework of the argument. Something like this wouldn't be passable in a decent political science program, much less the masters program I'm in now. I've seen more well thought out arguments (even ones that argue in essentially the same direction) by talented community college freshman.

You should not allow standards of academic rigor to be so lax, just to get an article written by a two bit professor who happens to agree with you.