Monday, January 04, 2010

Afghan 'Dirty War' Escalates

By Douglas Valentine
January 4, 2010

On Dec. 31, I listened in dismay as an NPR “terrorism” expert condemned the suicide bombing that killed seven CIA employees in Afghanistan as especially hideous because the CIA victims were spreading economic development and democracy in the area as members of a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT).

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John L.Opperman said...

CIA's M.O. is creating terror(ism) amongst the population(s) by destroying their economies, overthrowing democratically elected government and/or assassinating people's leaders.
Spreading economic development and democracy would be a new gig for the covert agency.
PRTs, if legit, are likely to be just another on CIA's HIT LIST.
~John L.

Dameocrat said...

yeah it escalates. Quit supporting the democrats and the republicans. The two party oligarchy is nowhere!