Friday, January 08, 2010

California's Dysfunctional Future Shock

By Michael Winship
January 8, 2010

A number of years ago, when I would travel to California on business with my friend the late journalist and comedy writer Eliot Wald, we always carved out time to visit a couple of those massive Los Angeles grocery chains, like Ralph's or Vons.

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Clay Berling said...

What is desperately needed is a "conflict of interest rule' at both the State and Congressional levels. A legislator should be limited to accepting donations of a maximum of $100 from any one individual without prejudice. If legislation involves a subject in which the donor of over $100 has an interest, the legislator should be excluded from voting on the issue.

Anonymous said...

Not mentioned in this article is the added worry that the near future will bring us increased representation by the GOP.

In the political blogs there are so many comments from discouraged progressives complaining about how little Democrats have done with their supermajority. Too often, these emotional comments turn to expressions of hatred for Obama and for the Democratic Party.

Clearly some of these are comments from GOP trolls who, understandably, are seeking to promote these negative attitudes, but many are clearly from independents or progressives who enthusiastically supported Obama in 2008.

This does not portend well for the future.

John said...

Mr Winship says: "Once again, it's time to climb to the battlements for comprehensive campaign finance reform, as money is fueling much of the lunatic partisan rancor that has us at impasse."

How true! But highly unlikely.

Note for example the pending SCOTUS decision that is expected to bring campaign finance back to pre-Watergate days. Translated into today's politics: complete corporate control.

The "only" answer: new, tough laws from the very same bought and paid-for, dysfunctional Congress.

To steal a phrase from Chris Floyd: The Surgeon General warns that it may be dangerous to hold one's breath until such legislation is forthcoming.