Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama Ignores Key Afghan Warning

By Ray McGovern
January 27, 2010

Nothing highlights President Barack Obama’s abject surrender to Gen. David Petraeus on the “way forward” in Afghanistan more than two cables U.S. Ambassador Karl Eikenberry sent to Washington on Nov. 6 and 9, 2009, the texts of which were released by the New York Times.

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John L.Opperman said...

There is absolutly no justification for our being in Afganistan. Ours is an illegal, criminal presense and any discussion beyond that only multiplies the irrationality of it. The very same holds true for Iraq and our bullying treatment and threats to Iran.
If we want to be a "super" power, we would offer a helping hand to all peoples needing it rather than striking out with beligerance and violence.
Our support, regardless of which party is in office, of the worlds tyrants shows exactly who and what this country represents.
Petraeus should step down and McCrystal canned, better yet-court marshalled.
~John L.