Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's Wrong with US Intell Agencies

By Melvin A. Goodman
January 28, 2010

It is time for serious soul-searching regarding the role of the CIA and the intelligence community. Last month's operational and intelligence failures led to the deaths of seven CIA officers in Afghanistan and might have resulted in nearly 300 deaths on a Northwest Airlines plane headed for Detroit.

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Bill from Saginaw said...

Melvin Goodman's observations about the trend under Bush/Cheney and now Obama towards "militarization" of the CIA cuts straight to the heart of what is most dangerous about the continuing global war on terror. Civilian spooks running paramilitary black ops all over the globe is bad enough. Consciously blurring the distinction between soldier and spy magnifies the dangers of blowback, and lack of meaningful accountability, a hundred fold.

What Goodman labels Myth #4 and Myth #6 seem most important to me. The black ops tail has been wagging the intelligence gathering and intelligence analysis dog at Langley for decades now. Add to that mix a need for US intelligence agencies to rely upon foreign intelligence services for the humint snitch work (and for prompt translation of all that chatter NSA sweeps up), and a situation is created that is tailor made for double agents to foment fiasco after fiasco.

It remains my deep suspicion that the key to unraveling the truth about 9/11 lies in the working relationship that existed between US intelligence, Saudi intelligence, and the Pakistani ISI in particular in the weeks and months immediately preceding the WTC attack. A great deal of rich detail about the hijack teams comings and goings, and the evil doers modus operandi on the day the shit hit the fan, was disseminated very, very quickly to mainstream US news outlets, even while the rubble of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon was still smoldering. Complex criminal conspiracies cannot be solved so fast and so definitively unless there was an inside source and some sort of surveillance of the perps underway all along.

I look forward to Part II of retired CIA agent Goodman's essay regarding how this sorry state of affairs can best be remedied. My personal belief is that Congress should take up former president Harry Truman's blunt suggestion that the CIA's clandestine black ops authority simply be outlawed by appropriate amendment of the National Security Act of 1947.

The United States government desperately needs to force its soldiers to behave like well trained soldiers, and its spies to behave like spies rather than assassins.

Bill from Saginaw

Anonymous said...

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John L.Opperman said...

These are not "intelligence" agencies, they're semi-clandescent political-corporate assassins, undermining popular foriegn and domestic governments, propping up fascist dictators, doing corporate dirty work. JFK was right, BUST them.
And look what it got him.
Cleaning them up and reforming them is as useful as humanizing capitalism. As long as the true criminal class rules over us we are doomed.
Only the people can reclaim and develop a society for humanity.
When will we...WILL we do it before it's too late?
Time is running out.
~John L.

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