Friday, February 12, 2010

Joking About Climate Change

By Michael Winship
February 12, 2010

There's a vintage “Bob and Ray” radio sketch in which Bob plays "Mr. Science," a parody of TV's "Mr. Wizard." He's trying to explain to his young protégé Sandy "the miracle of gas refrigeration."

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Anonymous said...

It is perhaps a failing of the human psyche that makes people resist unpleasant thoughts unless they are absolutely apparent. While we have no trouble recognizing danger if we see a tiger loose in our surroundings, it is much easier to dismiss a danger like climate change that we cannot see, touch, hear or smell.

People differ, of course, and there are many who finally recognize the dangers of global warming and even of peak oil. Even people who do recognize these dangers, however, are often unwilling or unable to recognize the danger of what is really causing these other two, relatively abstract dangers.

The mother of all of the dangers that threatens our civilization is overpopulation. Because there are too many people we are using up our fossil fuels and turning them into atmospheric carbon dioxide. Global warming and peak oil are but symptoms of the growing problem of worldwide overpopulation.

Unless we control and even reduce our population there will be additional symptoms of overpopulation that at best will bring our population down in dramatic and unpleasant ways. At worst, overpopulation will distroy us.

Still, we all want children around us. We rebel at the thought of restricting reproduction or any other direct means of reducing population. These are such unpleasant thoughts we usually just dismiss the problem, just the way many people still dismiss the notion of global waming.

Nat Parry said...

"In truth, and to get way too basic, warmer air holds more moisture and when temperatures get colder it falls from the sky as a lot of snow. Not to mention that short-term weather phenomena, like blizzards, don't necessarily reflect overall climate trends which are measured over decades and more."

This sounds like it was written by a member of the reality-based community. What Mr. Winship fails to recognize is that Washington manufactures its own reality, or sometimes, negates the very existence of what may be called reality. Welcome to the Desert of the Real, otherwise known as the Republican Matrix.