Sunday, February 07, 2010

Shunning Howard Zinn's History

By William Blum
February 7, 2010

Progressive activists and writers continually bemoan the fact that the news they generate and the opinions they express are consistently ignored by the mainstream media, and thus kept from the masses of the American people.

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James Young said...

You confuse "ignored" with "dismissed as moonbat fantasies." There is a difference.

sanda said...

The people knew/know how valuable Howard Zinn's work is. I was very fond of the man. As James Carroll was quoted in the Boston Globe's obit, "How much we all loved him back.". Howard Zinn loved people.

My favorite book, of all books, is
"You Can't Be Neutral on A Moving Train", his autobio. And, yes, it's also a video. But the book is a handbook for social change, starting with the introduction.