Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Remembering the Land of the Brave

By Lynne Gillooly
March 10, 2010

As the daughter of a veteran and the niece of eight more – one of whom never came home – it angers and saddens me to see what has happened to the once proud and brave United States of America.

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Anonymous said...

Your insight and wisdom cousin Lynne are on point. From mostly Christian political leaders, we have received agony begetting agony and they dare to refer to themselves as "honorable"
patriots. What shames America is patronizing and manipulating cowards in congress. They honestly advocate Americans are intellectually stunted. Furthermore they believe, Americans are "soap opera" opportunist and limit complex and creative directions to the mentality of a second grader. This is the reason why we get "babble" from them. They wear symbols of liberty and justice on their lapels that are bleeding on battlefields now and advocate hideous disrespect for the Commander in Chief. Hypocrite's they are and not Representatives of a free people. As a inactive Marine, I would encourage our young people to activate their creative energy. Use it to vote in 2010 and dismantle this shameful Republican strategy. Let them know that disrespecting our historically and "fairly" elected president is not a patriotic stance. In fact, it only aids the vicious haters of freedom throughout the planet earth. We see those vicious haters, unbelievably, on our streets. Your voting is a powerful support of our sisters and brothers bleeding their precious life giving blood on battlefields now. Sacred is your responsibility this year.
Rev. John Fernandes

Anonymous said...

This article is absolutely right. What's ironic, too, is that The Bush Administration ignored Clinton's warnings about potential terrorist attacks, and yet they get credit for being "tough on national security" simply because they passed the Patriot Act and started 2 wars after 9/11. God forbid anything happen during Obama's (or any Democrat's) term...

Anonymous said...

At least some Republicans finally spoke up against Liz Cheney and Bill Krystol's "Keep America Safe" (another right wing noise machine)ad that attacked lawers that defended prisoners at Gitmo and called them the Al Quaeda 7.
Shame on Liz and Bill. Tell them we are not cowards and we believe in our adversarial system of justice.