Monday, April 05, 2010

Is Vatican Guilty in Child-Sex Scandal?

By Robert Parry
April 5, 2010

Often the worst scandals are ones that have become engrained as business as usual within an organization or a society, not entirely accepted but tolerated by the Old Boys Network in command, like racial segregation, anti-Semitism, bias against women – or in the case of the Vatican, pedophilia.

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5 comments: said...

Why is your article a question? I thought it should be quite obvious! It's not even a matter of the vatican's quilt but more about what the world will do about it. Nothing. The catholics went to mass during the holy week in droves. They are obviously not concerned about the scandal. With regards to this scandal, a few people will not be going to heaven. lol

Randal Marlin said...

Cardinal Ratzinger pursued a world-wide mission to bring priest pedophiles to account. The much-publicized Father Lawrence Murphy case seems to me to have been unfairly represented in the media. Father Murphy was very ill and near death. It is common practice in criminal trials to ensure that an accused is fit to stand trial. Why should a church trial be any different in this regard?

Anonymous said...

I could not possibly care less about the church investigating itself.

I want to know: WHERE THE HELL ARE THE POLICE ? !!!

John L.Opperman said...

Neither the vatican, the roman church, nor any religion has any legitism. All that can be said is their success in scaming so many and the false sense of security (?) and...excuse they sell.
The greatest propaganda job in all history of humankind.
How sad. How gulible. How pathetic.
How profitable
~John L.

Anonymous said...

In all organizations the Captain goes down with the ship, the buck stops here...Ultimate responsibility lies with the pope.

The pope runs a criminal organization and should be prosecuted under the Rico laws.