Friday, April 09, 2010

Watching Innocent Iraqis Die

By Robert Parry
April 9, 2010

The next time CNN’s Wolf Blitzer boasts about George W. Bush’s “successful surge” in Iraq or Newsweek hails “Victory at Last,” you should think of the video released by this week showing the killing of a group of Iraqi men, including two Reuters newsmen, as they walked nonchalantly through the streets of Baghdad.

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Bill from Saginaw said...

Wolf Blitzer chided Michael Moore for being critical of George W. Bush? Wolf Blitzer pressed Michael Moore to comment on Newsweek's shameless revisionist propaganda piece cover story claiming "Victory at Last" for the US invasion and occupation of Iraq?

There is more historical substance and journalism of significant value in the first 20 minute segment of Moore's film "Farenheit 911" than Wolf Blitzer has aired in the entire 20-plus years of his mainstream media broadcasting career on CNN.

The bigger point to be made here is that everything done in that Wikileaks video of the Apache gunship massacre has been reviewed, approved, and certified by the Pentagon as something done by the book, in complete, strict compliance with the soldiers' official US military Rules of Engagement in occupied Iraq. According to the top brass powers-that-be, no one taking part will be disciplined or reprimanded, because everybody did their duty and did it right. In the fog of war, sometimes shit happens.

The Rules of Engagement authorize firing upon groups of males walking in the streets in broad daylight if maybe one in a group may have something that could be an AK-47 or an RPG device, even if no US forces are threatened.

The Rules of Engagement authorize firing additional lethal rounds into wounded men writhing and crawling on the sidewalk, if it just might be that they are within arms reach of what could be a weapon.

The Rules of Engagement authorize helicopter gunships to direct their 30 cal firepower at all vehicles and vehicle occupants who arrive at the scene to provide aid or evacuate the wounded civilians.

The official US military Rules of Engagement authorize and cause war crimes.

End of story.

Bill from Saginaw