Monday, May 10, 2010

Condi: The Queen of No Soul

By Sebastian Doggart
May 10, 2010

Two events, both of which feature a public figure named 2005’s “most powerful woman in the world,” may go down as the most bizarre of the year.

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Anonymous said...

The mastermind of the attempted restart of the Cold War wants to indulge in "humanism?" This is something that should be looked at with a sneer, the wolf in a lamb's pelt. Boycott, boycott it; ridicule it! Hypocrisy too obvious to miss.

Anonymous said...

Yaaass Massa, You wan me do d'dance fur th folks on th music plaace....

Duh mushroom cloud was mo fun siah..

Just another STOOGE, Just another dance...

Powell Rice, "O"...... &n Kagan for bonus.... OOOOO Mommy OOOOOO