Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Danger of Israeli Nuke Hypocrisy

By Robert Parry
May 12, 2010

The United States finds itself in the curious position of going to the mat on behalf of Israel’s top security concern – preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb – while Israel and its supporters continue to insist that U.S. officials maintain Israel’s decades-old “ambiguity” about whether or not it possesses a nuclear arsenal of its own.

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Anonymous said...

Where is the Elephant in the room ?

The Elephant in the Room is The Symington Glenn and Pressler Amendments.

The Symington Glenn and Pressler Amendments prohibit aid to countries that develop or traffic in Nuclear weapons and do not sign up to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Thus, despite the fact that everyone knows Israel has a couple of hundred Nukes, nobody can admit it officially because we might find JUST ONE American Patriot to launch an action to have Israel's $ 5 billion in official aid cut off

Anonymous said...

The lie about Israel’s nuclear weapons is still very effective. In 1980 from very reliable sources Israel had 250 nuclear weapons in country, and an undisclosed number outside, possibly 20 to 30. They were averaging one a month in new weapons. So it is highly likely they have anywhere today of 600 to 700 weapons, not all in country. One must remember the country with one of the worst record for nuclear material losses in the U.S.A. Some have suggested that much of it has gone into Israeli hands. Why else hasn't the government been in an uproar over this. Sure, the information is contained at the highest levels about these losses. Others have suggested that this material is still in the U.S.A. and weapons were made here to be used as a leverage against our government to be the Israeli lapdog. Sure, many of politicians have been bought by Israeli interests. But it is also just as likely that some may even know about the secret arsenal which is used to blackmail them into falling in line. The leadership of Israel currently makes it one of the most dangerous countries the world has ever seen. It is one that once things go bad they might surely use their arsenal of nuclear weapons to turn the Middle East into a lifeless zone for all, including themselves. They have shown no remorse for using depleted Uranium, but neither has U.S.A. or England in contamination of the Middle East and elsewhere. Once a country has gone down the slope to thinking it is alright to use illegal and immoral weapons against lesser foes, such as DU, white Phosphorus, cluster bombs and the like, it sure would be easy to justify nuclear weapons. Even if one says they are just tactical. We can't expect the U.S.A. to say no, especially when they are just as guilty. The only way to get Israel to come clean is to be a member of the NPT and have inspectors scrutinize everywhere. The double standard the U.S.A. has with Israel’s nuclear arsenal works very much against any credibility for them to condemn any other country for having or wanting nuclear weapons.

Anonymous said...

If you were surrounded by 200 million medievalists who wish to kill you, at least you have one option. Remember no Israeli ever blew themselves up or used children as shields. 9/11 terrorists were all from Saudi Arabia. Why don't you Chomskyites see how long you'd survive in those Arab Countries?