Thursday, June 03, 2010

Israel Attacked a NATO Member's Ship

By Craig Murray
June 3, 2010

NATO HQ in Brussels is a very unhappy place. There is a strong understanding among the various national militaries that an attack by Israel on a NATO member flagged ship in international waters is an event to which NATO is obliged - legally obliged, as a matter of treaty - to react.

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Anonymous said...

This is not the first NATO ship Israel has attacked. They attacked and sank the USS Liberty and seamen died. Israel attacks and nothing happens.

Morton Kurzweil said...

The United States need to stop defending Europe and start defending democracy. The use of NATO to protect an Islamic state that uses its flag to break a blockade for Hamas is indefensible.
Islamic states are by their nature corrupt and have no regard for human rights or humanitarian acts except as they will expand the influence of theocracy.
We are dealing with seventh-century fanaticism in the twenty-first century. This is obvious because every scientific advance in an Islamic state became a tool of conservative fanaticism, never a service to the people.

Anonymous said...

Look its quite simple Israel uses excessive violence.

What can any Jewish Activist not see?

A young American kid wanting to help fellow humans in dire straits gets shot 5 times -- 4 times in the head.

Well known humanitarian ships get kidnapped in International waters.

Only American backing gives Israel this option.

US Military leaders say Israel's brutal treatment of Palestinians puts American troops in danger.

So after receiving $3Trillion in aid Israel once again slaps American Tax payers in the face.

American Jews with a first loyalty to Israel are supporting a Foreign Country over the USA.

Years ago Ehud Olmert's Israeli Government said when the Blockade was first started "The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger"

Its time for Americans to put America first & stop allowing our foreign policy to be decided by Jewish Americans acting as lobbyist for Israel?


tshirt doctor said...

it's the U.S. and Israel against the rest on the world. god help us

Greg L. said...

This ship flew the flag of the Commores Islands.
1. The Commores Islands is not a member of NATO.
2. This entire blog entry is thus null and void and should be retracted.