Monday, August 16, 2010

Behind a Lethal Israel-Lebanon Clash

By Lawrence Davidson
August 16, 2010

On Aug. 3, violence erupted along Lebanon’s southern frontier, followed almost simultaneously by verbal assaults against Lebanon from the U.S. House of Representatives. Lebanon soon lost, at least temporarily, $100 million in U.S. military aid. What is this all about?

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Cathy said...

I hope this is not too far off topic, it is related to Israel. I just read over at Axis of Logic that Harvard has sold all its shares in Israeli holdings.

That, along with Gate's announcement that he is quitting early in 2011, seems like a bad omen.

I haven't been one to believe that Israel or the U.S. is so dumb to allow the neo-con and zionist arms of America get away with this attack. But now I'm not too sure.

What do these people know that most of us don't?

Glad they are getting rid of their shares. It's the "why" that worries me. Apparently they are going to invest in some chinese and Brazil holdings.

clivel said...

What a completely distorted article from a so called professor of history. That a historian can distort facts that happened in the last few weeks, is a damning indictment of the rubbish he must be teaching his students.
Davidson leaves out some important facts, like for instances that the Israeli officers that were targeted and shot first by Lebanese snipers were hundreds of meters away from the tree. Or that the Israeli army had advised the UN in advance that they would be trimming trees. And it is immaterial what Davidson thinks of what Israel regards to be a border, the important point is that all three parties are aware of where the line was drawn.
No wonder education is in such a sorry state in the US, as it appears that fiction is an acceptable alternative to facts in history courses at West Chester University.

Anonymous said...

Answer to seminal question: It will take for ordinary Americans of whatever religious denomination, to cease to believe the falseness of the argument, about "God's chosen people".

Anonymous said...

The significant exception here was the cross-border kidnapping and killing of several Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah in an effort to force Israel into a prisoner swap. This incident sparked the 2006 war.

With his above the "Professor" is lying or just doesn't know the facts.

The so called "kidnapping" occurred when Israeli military crossed into Lebanon.

Also Millions of Cluster "bomblets" were dropped by Israel on Lebanon in the last few HOURS of the 2006 Lebanon confrontation while "Peace talks were in progress".

Many people were killed & crippled by those Cluster Bombs since Peace was declared.


Anonymous said...

Whether you're a loonie on the left or the right, Israel is either a convenient target. Like I've said before, go live in one of those medieval countries with their beheadings, stonings, subjugation of women and children. Davidson, you are a quisling of the highest degree. Go f yourself along w/Parry and his ilk.

Anonymous said...

First of all for the people who's claiming that Israel have Advised the UN about the trees removal that is a lie, what really happen is that Israel asked the UN about cutting the trees and the UN response was the decision maker is out of Lebanon we have to wait until tomorrow, but the israelis as we know they think they are above the law so the decided to go ahead with their plan and when they got to the site to cut the trees the UN asked them to stop then the Lebanese army warned them to do the same but the idiots ignored both warning thinking that they can trespass anyplace anytime in lebanon, and voila, boy they were wrong.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that people cannot see the long/mid term plan Israel has?. The enlargement of Israel. This will be to take over Lebanon and Jordan, this is just Israel`s mid-term aims. Israel is a danger to the whole world and its ambitions must be stopped or the whole world WILL pay a terrible price.