Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hawks Box in Obama on Afghan War

By Ray McGovern
August 26, 2010

Just back from Afghanistan, Marine Commandant, Gen. James Conway held a news conference to add his voice to the Pentagon campaign to disparage the July 2011 date President Barack Obama set for U.S. troops to begin leaving Afghanistan.

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rosemerry said...

Perhaps taking over the world for Israel is too big a task even for the Pentagon, the White House and the US Congress.

Anonymous said...

Israel plans to change its National Anthem to,

"Onward Christian Soldiers"


Anonymous said...

One of the biggest neocons was Rahm Emanuel.

He used his position on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to reward pro Iraq "war" candidates with campaign money while starving and even running against anti Iraq c"war" candidates.

He is a war criminal and as such should be tried at the Hague.