Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Twisting Palestinian Arms for Peace

By Lawrence Davidson
August 25, 2010

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has announced that direct "negotiations" between Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas will begin on Sept. 2. It is reported that Abbas agreed to these talks only after heavy pressure from both the United States and the European Union.

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rosemerry said...

Very interesting article.Ironic that you should comparethe situation to Russia when you consider the influence of Trotsky on Zionism since then. You seem to assume Hamas and Gaza should be forgotten, a suggestion some right-wingers in Israel hope will avoid the "demographic" doom of Israel. I think if the Palestinians cannot have a contiguous country, unlikely with the takeover of most of the West Bank by Israel, they may as well give up. We(fair citizens of the world)should help them, but as a European I see no hope, and the USA of course is completely under the Likud domination.

maheanuu said...

Having become a French National and the ability to compare both the French and American governments, I think that my choice in becoming French in 1984 was probably the wisest thing I have ever done. I look at what America and Israel have done not only to the people who do not live in their respective countries, but to any and all that do not agree with their ideas of "Democracy from the barrel of a gun". For me the despising of the Governments started in 1967 when the Israeli's and the Yanks colluded to sink the USS Liberty and kill its crew. That very same crew was a part of the same US Navy I was a career member of. I thought to myself that if my leaders felt that those of us who they felt were expendable for any gain in the profit margin of the very rich, then I was going to do my very best to stay alive and well so that I could get the hell out of Dodge and live my life where I could have more faith in the leaders who were governing me. I have watched the Likud and the Zionists and the NeoCons get stronger and stronger and now I no longer have any desire to take part in anything that america or israel believe in. I personally think that the Israeli's today are as bad as the Fascists and not very far behind the Nazis of Hitlers time.

No thank you. I doubt if I will ever vote in the United States or for the US
There has been too much treason and treachery happening over the years supposedly in the name of Freedom and Democracy... I personally will never again pledge allegiance or salute a flag of The United States or Israel. To me both are beneath contempt.

Anonymous said...

what hypocricy- France delivered more Jews to the Nazi Death machine, and the amount of collaboration with the Nazis is greater than the French would like to think. France is now reaping its fruits from the muslim extremests it has cultivated. No Palestinian state that has sworn to wipe Israel off of the map.

Anonymous said...

The point man in these so called round of negotiation, and given the weaknesses of M. Abbas. is Salam Fayad. Therefore, and, under heavy pressure from both the US and Fayad, M.Abbas would feel compelled to agree to some kind of limited autonomy for the West Bank while totally excluding the Gaza Strip.