Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rory Kennedy's "The Fence"

By Lisa Pease
September 14, 2010

Rory Kennedy's upcoming HBO documentary “The Fence” (“La Barba”) presents a compelling argument that the border fence, the subject of the film, is an ill-conceived and expensive mistake.

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Glenn Spencer said...

If the reviews of The Fence are in any way accurate, this documentary will go down as one of the most dishonest pieces of video journalism in history. Go to and you will see that DHS hasn't built 700 miles of fence - it built 230 miles, and only 35 mile of that fence complies with the original requirement of the Secure Fence Act. The Act was gutted by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-Tx). Where the fence was properly constructed, such as at Yuma, apprehensions dropped by more than 95%. I am planning to prepare a video response to this piece of junk. It will be posted on YouTube.