Saturday, October 09, 2010

Islamophobia's Scholarly Godfather

Nabil Al-Khowaiter
October 9, 2010

While it may appear that Islamophobia is a new phenomenon in America – the result of the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington – its roots can be traced back to the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, followed by the Arab oil embargo and a quadrupling of gas pump prices.

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Anonymous said...

No wonder you're running out of funds to source Consortium! You're part of the minority that has brought this country almost to its knees! You're literally way out in "left field"! Where in the world do you think you are? This is a country formed by a majority of people with different values than you. We live in this country because we have chosen this way of life and we've been very successful and BLESSED by GOD ALMIGHTY, The I AM WHO I AM!

Игор Сламов – Igor Slamoff said...

I think you understate your case by a difference of centuries. No less an authority than the OIC {Organization of the Islamic Conference, HQ in Jedda, Sãodi Arabia] has announced that Islamo-Fascist, whoops, hit the wrong key, Islamophobia started very shortly after the Messenger of God, Muhammad (pbuh), breathed his last in the year of Our Lord 632, if memory serves.
Consequently Islamophobia is as old as Islam!
Islamophobia is Islam’s Doppelgänger, so to speak.
Now why on earth would such a wave of detestation arise so precociously against such a harmless religion? Let us look for historical analogies … hmm … Buddhistophobia? Nope. Confucianismophobia? Can’t recall having heard about it. Hinduphobia? I draw a blank. Zoroastranismophobia? Doesn’t ring a bell.
Apparently Islam is unique in that it is the only widespread religion equipped with an eponymous phobia. That is certainly remarkable.
Now let us think of some other unique characteristics of Islam:

1. Which is the only religion all of whose able-bodied male members at one time MADE THEIR LIVING AS BANDITS?
2. Which is the only religion whose FOUNDER PRESIDED AT MASS EXECUTIONS of hundreds of captives?
3. Which is the only religion whose MEMBERS ARE COMMANDED TO MURDER those who criticize their religion or attempt to disown it?
4. Which is the only religion that has ITS OWN METHODS OF EXECUTION?
5. Which is the only religion whose FOUNDER WAS A professional SLAVE TRADER?
6. Which is the only religion that expressly proposes to SPREAD THROUGH MILITARY CONQUEST and makes provision for SLAVERY, OPPRESSION of subject peoples, and the like?
7. Which is the only religion that HAD ITS OWN ARMY practically from the beginning?
8. Which is the only religion that expressly ENCOURAGES HATRED OF OUTSIDERS, and most of whose ethical commands protect only the faithful?
9. Which is the only religion whose sacred writings contain dozens, if not hundreds, of EXHORTATIONS TO MURDER certain people, and sometimes even prescribes the method of execution?

You know, just conceiving in the abstract an imaginary religion endowed with these characteristics makes me feel nauseous.
When are you blockheads going to understand that we hate Islam because Islam is exceedingly odious?
Don't necessarily hate Moslems, though. I have had many Moslem friends and enjoy their company.

Игор Сламов – Igor Slamoff said...
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uh-huh said...

Islam may not be easy to like Igor, but the Palestinians are not being dispossessed because they are Muslim, but because they are there.

Игор Сламов – Igor Slamoff said...

if Al Capone had founded a religion, it would be exactly like Islam.