Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obama's No-Win Afghan Quandary

By Bruce P. Cameron
November 17, 2010

As President Barack Obama looks toward his promised December review of the Afghan War, he faces tough options – both military and political – including whether he will risk sinking his own presidency to sustain a war long bungled by George W. Bush.

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Morton Kurzweil said...

Afghanistan is the wrong place and the wrong time to play at empire building.
If the conservatives could have pulled their heads out of their nineteenth century ideology they would have clung to the Taliban as brothers, poured billions into their economy, and reaped hundreds of billions in riches and a fierce ally in Asia.
Do the words "Rare Earths" mean anything to you, Wall Street? The Afghani Hills are alive with riches beyond the dreams of conservative avarice. China is waiting for us to implode before it takes the last source of rare elements necessary for electronic development out of the Western hands.
Stop supporting Kabul. Get the military industry out and deal with the people who own the land.

Anonymous said...

Cameron must be delusional. Bush may have started the war in Afghanistan, but now Obama owns it and he advertised his intention of owning it during his 2008 campaign.

Is it also Bush's fault that Obama believes he has the right to conduct extra-judicial assassinations of Americans merely upon the suspicion of some vaguely defined "terrorist" activity?

Obama's apologists are no better than Bush's apologists - perhaps they are even worse. Consortium does itself no favor by not holding Obama accountable for his actions. Perhaps the Obama apologists haven't noticed that Obama refuses to hold Bush accountable for his crimes either. Will they blame Bush for that, also?