Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Will Bush's Book Burnish His Legacy?

By Ivan Eland
November 16, 2010

As George W. Bush does a rash of media interviews to promote his new book, Decision Points, some people — even his post-Katrina nemesis, hip-hop star Kanye West — have begun to mute their criticisms of his presidency.

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PatriotPaul said...

In his book, Bush claims that the worst moment of his Administration was being called a racist by Kanye West.

Wow, for a supposed leader to consider what this one hot-tempered individual THINKS or SAYS about him to be the worst part of his Administration tells volumes. Really, this is worse than the fact that his decisions (Iraq, Katrina) led to the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians is not much worse proves that this guy was far from the "Compassionate Conservative" he and Karl Rove marketed Bush as.

Paul Harris
Author, “Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina"

Big Em said...

I expect to see Bush start touring with OJ Simpson so that they can both help each other - - - Bush can help OJ look for the killer(s) of Nicole & Ron, (which OJ is no doubt STILL fervently doing) while OJ can help W find the missing WMDs in Iraq, which SO perplexed W & friends by their absence!

They are both disgusting, transparently manufactured excuses that fool only the ignorant or the blind-faith believers, and Bush's action was the worse of the two since his was premeditated over MONTHS and resulted in the deaths of AT LEAST 100's of THOUSANDS of innocents (and displaced millions), although admittedly none of them was a pretty, white blond girl, so obviously they don't matter. So OJ ends up being excoriated (rightly so) while W gets a shrug of the shoulders. It's easy to see why we're undoubtedly perceived as the moral leader of the world (at least in our own perceptions)...

While I do agree with many of the civil liberties stances of libertarians like Mr Eland, as someone in the liberal/progressive range, I quickly diverge from his 'anti-government/anti-tax' stance that permeates his work.

Morton Kurzweil said...

To burnish suggests an attempt to put a glossy appearance on a tarnished or tainted product, usually spoiled, discolored, or otherwise diminished by exposure to air.
The longer George W, Bush is exposed to to fresh air, the greater will be his tarnished record.

mnvil said...

The moment Obama decided no to look back and demand accountability for the crimes and all sort of violations against American democratic values and the rule of law committed by the Bush administration, he automatically forfeited the very idea of America and started to burnish George W. Bush legacy.