Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Painful History of US-Iran Distrust

By Danny Schechter
November 30, 2010

The building was smaller than I remembered. The fading images in my mind were grainy: angry crowds, students marching, flags burning, chants of “Death to America,” and Americans diplomats in blindfolds.

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Htos1 said...

Yeah,hate America much?The '53 coup was design to prevent nuclear holocaust coming from the USSR.You may have heard of it?I don't acknowledge the "superiority" of bolsheviks,you people killed more of your own than all the fatalies of WWII,combined.Big picture,people,big picture.

mario said...

What if Iran turned the former U.S Embassy into an international peace and....May 2003 through the Swiss the Iranians transmit their real intention to negotiate the issues that most concern the U.S: The Nuclear Program, Hezbollah, the Palestinian Question to no avail, the Bush Administration didn't reply.