Sunday, November 28, 2010

Young Christians Desert US Churches

By the Rev. Howard Bess
November 28, 2010Read on.


Anonymous said...

The biggest problem for religion in America is the Internet. Contrast religious voices and atheist voices online: there's no comparison. Christians disable comments on their YouTube channels, they ban dissenting voices, etc. That's a huge red flag to young people today, who take for granted a free, open exchange of ideas that's unparalleled in human history. People with doubts can express them online without fear of persecution from family and friends, which is also unprecedented.

In fact, if this comment is not filtered and rejected, I'll be surprised, as that is the norm with Christian bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Atheist here. I wanted to thank you for pointing out the hypocrisy of fighting gay people while condoning war. I was raised in the church, I've read the bible and the Jesus in most churches is built like Rambo, carries a rifle and two backup weapons, fights in the MMA, hates gays and "liberals", and is a "trickle down economist". I find the that the more "christian" someone is, the more I have to work to get them to help the poor and the sick. I don't believe in the supernatural but I find christians to be the rudest, most ignorant, and selfish groups in society. Why would ANYONE want to be associated with them. Also, if Jesus is so great, why do these people act worse than non-believers?

niteowl718 said...

To actually see someone admit that the churches numbers are dwindling brings great joy to me.

Religion is and always has been an institution of fear and hate. It is a means for those in power to 'Divide and Conquer'

Our society will never truly advance until religion dies

rosemerry said...

It is instructive to read the article about Glenn Beck and then this one. I am appalled at the low educational level of the average US person, and do not know if the more thoughtful youth are leaving the churches-are none of them the Beck enthusiasts? The internet has the possibility of discussion and information, but the MSM in the USA seem completely rigid and biased on every topic, so how can people learn and think for themselves?

Anonymous said...

Regardless of world region, todays true Christians don't congregate in large numbers or in corporate real estate structures. Its simply too dangerous. In the US not alone, the FBI submits Christ following Christians to investigation as potential terrorists.
US public schools have been teaching atheism for decades.
Pizzas and rock concerts don't scare away teenagers and young college educated adults, investigation and wrongful prosecution do as they have for the last 2000 years.