Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Danger of Pro-Israel Extremism

By Lawrence Davidson
January 2, 2011

When we think of the great struggles of our day we almost always think in terms of movements and groups. There are Communists and Fascists, Capitalists and Socialists, Jews and Muslims, Zionists and Christian Fundamentalists, Democrats and Republicans, Western Civilization and its rivals, ad nauseum.

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Anonymous said...

As usual the medievalist Davidson conveniently forgets that under Jordanian occupation(Jerusalem) Jewish holy sites including houses of worship were routinely used as toilets, and the Arab governments have used the "Palestinians" as pawns since 1948. How can you possibly have a country on your border w/a 15 minute strike capability that vows to destroy you, and refuses your right to exist?

Extremists like Davidson, who have cushy university teaching jobs need a dose of reality.

Anonymous said...

Davidson's point is immediately proven!

JonnyJames said...

Indeed, Davidson's point is immediately proven. The hasbara propagandists and apologists seem to come out of the woodwork whenever an article dealing with Israel is posted.

That Megaphone desktop application seems to work very well for them. Pity that the progressive community does not use a similar technology to counter the racist imperialist war-profiteer cheeleaders that regularly infiltrate so-called progressive or alternative sites.

henry said...

I recognize The State of Israel's right to exist and I would like a plate of ham and eggs.