Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Republicans Aim Info-War at Obama

By Robert Parry
January 4, 2011

Finally, Congress appears ready to hold some high-profile hearings – except they won’t be about the most important scandals of the past decade, like how the United States was misled into the Iraq invasion, how the Afghan War was bungled, how torture became a U.S. practice, or how bank deregulation and Wall Street greed nearly destroyed the economy.

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JonnyJames said...

With all due respect:

A majority of the D party has always voted to fund ever increasing war, occupation and military related activities.

The Ds had majorities in both Houses and the WH for two years, yet nothing but window dressing was passed.

As Kucinich outlined before his infamous ride on AF-1, the bill is a giant kleptocratic subsidy for the already bloated insurance industry. The D party voted for it.

Obama immediately appointed long-time Bush family crony and Bush Jr. Sec. of Def. Bobby Gates. The Obama admin. or Congress refused to investigate the High Treason and crimes of the Cheney/Bush gang.

The Obama/Holder so-called Justice Dept. refuses to prosecute the huge financial fraud and crimes committed by the Banksters.

On the contrary, they were given trillions by Congress and Fed (TARP, QE1 and QE2) and they continue to rape and pillage while giving themselves billions in salary, perks and bonuses.

Guantanamo remains open, the tax cuts for the filthy rich continue,

And most of this is thanks to the so-called Democratic Party.

Mr. Parry please give us a bit more critical analysis and dump the invalid assumptions.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, the all-too-present W. J. Clinton is now advising Obama on how to deal with vicious capitol hill Republicans: have Oval Office "afternoon delights" with underage women?

rightfield said...

Thank you, Robert Parry. This history is important. Keep up the brilliant analysis. I hope more people join you. One day, Democratic politicians and Republicans with brains and consciences will finally get it. Until then, you and other bright stars have to keep at it, even if you repeat yourselves. The Republican propaganda machines repeat themselves. They are far ahead in convincing the public that the poor and middle class should pay for the luxury goods and privileges of the rich. Saying the same thing over and over works. Many people who are poor and middle class agree with the Republicans.

Fact checker said...

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration URGES ACTION TO PREVENT WIKI-TYPE LEAKS -- aimed at "disgruntled" employees

SSDD. The powers that be turn the other cheek, ignoring the real bad guys, and focus on threatening ordinary citizens.

Anonymous said...

For some time I was mystified why the Obama Justice Department was not prosecuting former Bush Administration officials. It seemed an abandonment of the rule of law. You would think this administration would have learned from the Clinton example of closing down the Iran-Contra investigations.

Then again, maybe Obama did learn something from the Clinton example. Perhaps they have been anticipating an attack. Perhaps the idea has been to keep their power dry for the time when a Republican Congress come after Obama with some absurd charge.

Bringing up a charge against Cheney or Rumsfield would be a good way both to retaliate and divert media attention from an Obama subpoena. Actually it would be an even better preemptive move so that the Republican investigation would be the one tagged as retaliation.