Sunday, February 06, 2011

NYT's Keller Disparages Assange

By Coleen Rowley
February 6, 2011

How unseemly for New York Times executive editor Bill Keller to look down so disdainfully at WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, with a nasty ad hominem portrayal in last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, “Dealing With Assange and the WikiLeaks Secrets.”

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Don Soeken said...

When Jack Anderson was alive he was called every name in the book including, "a horses ass". Richard Nixon talked about killing him on tape!
There is always attempts by the powers that be to "Kill the Messenger". The name calling and sterotyping of whistleblowers does not work. In my 35 years of working with them I find that they may lose their job and reputation but they will not be silent. The persons in power have to discredit them so they can take the heat from themselves.

The name calling and disparagement is common and is a deliberate psychological damage to the whistleblower. The louder the incrimations the bigger the lie that the powers are covering up.

Since Assange's group is reporting on many abuses of power the retaliation will be great and swift. They will attempt to find him guilty of something and the New York Times should be ashamed of themselves. Their sources will dry up if they do not protect them.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Rowley's commentary seems appropriate. Established presses have long held a revered yet monopolistic exclusionary polity, the internet being a threat unforeseen and which has caused some cognitive dissonance, i.e. bitching and evasiveness. It must be tough to find oneself losing credibility.

rosemerry said...

Coleen is too kind. It seems NYT provides nothing but lies. How anyone can consider it a source of facts or well-based opinion is beyond me. Iraq even now is "a mistake" rather than a completely unmitigated disaster for the remaining Iraqi people. We see in Egypt (or even in Algeria in 1992 ,and in most Latin American nations) how US power and interests, not the will of the people, decided on US interference. Julian Assange is unAmerican. Telling the truth is a really horrendous crime.

rosemerry said...

ijust forced myself to read the link to the actual article, and some of the comments to it. Luckily many see the hypocrisy of using and profiting by the info. Wikileaks provides, then attacking personally and irrelevantly the man (I do not recall journalists being the sprucest, best groomed of individuals!). The ignorance of many US citizens on legal matters helps me understand why Assange is unwilling to be extradited to the USA as charges are concocted against him.

WWadeWorth said...

I say, Spot on!!